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The event is free. The Competition involves pupils from Year 3 to Y9 with poems in French, Spanish and German. The competitors taking part will be given a certificate to recognise their achievement. I will send the person in charge in each school a template that they can use and print in house. 

The finalists will be sent a different certificate and the winners in each category will get a certificate and a prize. 

Guidelines : 

You can enter as many pupils as you wish in each category but only 3 pupils per year group and language can go through to the final. The competitors can only be entered in one category. i.e. Y5 Spanish, Y9 German…  


The first round will take place in your school and the list of finalists have to be sent to me: before the 8th March. A Flipgrid group will be created and you will get more information on how to join, so that your finalists can record their poems. The deadline for this is Friday 26th March. The winners will be announced the 14th April. 


Performances are judged according to five criteria:  

  1. Physical presence 

  2. Voice and articulation 

  3. Comprehension 

  4. Interpretation 

  5. General impression 


The marking grids to help with your own judging for the first round are in each Wakelet collection. If some of your speakers are bilingual/native, they should do well in terms of articulation but possibly not so well in the other areas. Therefore, do take everything into account. 

As we are in a remote context, it is not necessary to learn the poem by heart. Obviously, it is better, but it will be extremely difficult to police. 

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